Sunday, December 4, 2022

Iranian Inventor Receives Award for Solution to Urban Dust

An Iranian inventor has won the Merit Award and the Gold Medal Award of Merit at INPEX 2017 contests among 800 participants from 40 countries.

The Merit Award and Gold Medal Award of Merit of America’s Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX 2017) have been presented to Khalil Nazari, an Iranian inventor from the northwestern city of Tabriz, for his invention, HL herbal glue, which can replace oil mulch in solving the problem of urban haze.

According to a Farsi report by the Kayhan newspaper, INPEX is America’s largest invention trade show held annually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in June which provides a forum for inventors to exhibit their inventions and pitch their ideas with companies interested in licensing, marketing or manufacturing their new products. The trade show also hosts contests for domestic and international inventors in 45 different categories.

Commenting on his invention, Nazari said it is a plant-based material which is a suitable and environment-friendly replacement for oil mulch in settling the problem of urban haze and dust particles.

He added his invention has no domestic or foreign counterpart.

“Oil mulch is made of waste oil in fractionating column. A layer of the material is applied to the surface of soil or sand dunes to temporarily help stabilize them. Although oil mulch is a valuable and expensive material, it blackens the dunes and gives off an unpleasant odour that, as wind blows, fills the whole surrounding region. It also raises the temperature of the region and destroys its ecosystem. However, the HL herbal glue is made of herbs and has produced favourable result after being applied to the surface of all kinds of soil and sand.”

The Tabriz-based inventor stressed that his HL herbal glue is absolutely environmentally-friendly and way cheaper than oil mulch.

He noted that the material is also resistant against wind, different climatic conditions and ultraviolet radiation.

“After being applied to the surface of the soil, its temperature plummets [quickly] and, thus, it fails to harm insects and other living creatures. It is not flammable and does not pollute groundwater. It is colourless and odourless.”

Nazari said after holding talks with the crisis management organization of Khuzestan Province, the material has been decided to be tested in one of the lands in the southwestern Iranian province from which haze and dust particles originate.

He added following the mass production and use of the HL herbal glue the problem caused by urban haze and dust particles will be resolved.

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