Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Iranian expert: Tehran should not view IAEA resolution ineffective

An Iranian political expert has warned the country against underestimating the impact of the IAEA’s anti-Iran resolution.

Hassan Beheshtipour said the resolution that was approved by the agency’s Board of Governors several days ago is important in terms of its legal effect.

Beheshtipour acknowledged that China and Russia will veto any attempt against Iran at the UN Security Council even if the IAEA resolution sends the Iranian case to the council.

However, he noted that the agency’s resolution could help European members of the Iran nuclear deal to trigger the snapback mechanism, which will automatically reinstate the Security Council sanctions on Iran.

Beheshtipour said the fact that 30 out of 35 members of the IAEA board of governors voted for the anti-Iran resolution shows that the motion has been substantiated.

He stressed that Iran should avoid letting the gap between the country and the IAEA go deeper because this will provide an opportunity to exploit the gap.

The political expert also said the Islamic Republic should make an effort to prevent similar resolutions to be passed as the Zionist regime would be more than happy to see Iran and the agency pitted against each other.

According to Beheshtipour, Tehran should also avoid repeating its past bitter experiences. The expert then pointed to a demand by some observers inside Iran that Tehran consider leaving the NPT if the case is referred to the UN Security Council.

Beheshtipour said this is a repeat of Tehran’s policy under a former Iranian administration that was in office from 2006 to 2010.

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