Monday, April 22, 2024

Iran Health Minister: Omicron spread under control

Iran’s health minister says he expects the situation concerning the Omicron outbreak improve in the country thanks to the high percentage of vaccination against Covid among Iranians.

“So far 92 percent of people have received the first does, 85 percent has received the second dose and 35 percent have received the third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine,” Bahram Einollahi said.

“We are seeing a quick spread of the coronavirus in the world, but thanks to high vaccination in Iran, the disease is under control.”

Referring to the three waves involved in the pandemic, he said “The first wave is outpatients, the second is hospitalized patients and the third is fatalities and, it seems, the first and second waves are over.”

The minister added in the coming weeks we expect an improvement in the outbreak of the pandemic.

He said that, according to the ratification by the National Coronavirus Taskforce, there will be no limitations for travels during Nowrouz – New Iranian Year – holidays, “just like the previous years”, but all those who seek to travel should be triple-vaxxed.

Iran had imposed strict travel restrictions during Nowrouz over the past two years.

The country has seen a surge both in the number of its infections and fatalities over the past weeks, due to the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Officials announced 227 new deaths and more than 15 thousand new infections Wednesday.

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