Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iran slams Germany’s ‘hypocritical stance’ on poisoning of schoolgirls

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that Germany’s stance on the mysterious poisoning of schoolgirls in several cities across the country is “hypocritical and meddlesome.”

In a tweet on Friday, Kanaani reacted to the German foreign minister’s tweet that had alleged violation of girls’ rights in Iran and called for addressing the issue.

“One of the bitter facts that still needs clarification is the chemical poisonings through German-made toxic gases during the Saddam-imposed war [on Iran] which still takes lives,” he wrote, referring to the use of German-made chemical weapons against Iranian people during the eight-year war.

“Your expression of concern on this case is hypocritical and meddlesome,” the diplomat added.

Kanaani also stated that the Iranian government is very serious about “identifying and uprooting this ill will,” adding that Tehran will not allow others to foment insecurity for Iranian girl students with “political motivations.”

In an earlier statement on Friday, the spokesperson noted that the “hasty” and “bizarre” remarks of some foreign officials on the issue were a continuation of their “meddlesome political stances” about Iran in recent months.

He also warned against any abuse of humanitarian issues for the purpose of achieving political goals.

He urged these countries, which have “a long list of human rights violations against the Iranian people on their dark record,” to stop making such statements.

The official announced that the Iranian government’s priority is to swiftly pursue and root out the suspicious poisonings in some schools in the country.

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