Iran says European troika statement regarding nuclear talks unconstructive, lacks goodwill

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says a statement the European troika regarding the talks over the revival of the Iran nuclear deal is unconstructive and is in breach of goodwill. 

Nasser Kanaani said it is surprising and regrettable that under the current circumstances when diplomatic interactions and exchange of messages continue between the negotiating sides and the coordinator of the Vienna talks to finalize the negotiations, the Euroean troika issues such a communiqué in a move that deviates from the path of the fruitful approach during the talks.

France, Britain and Germany on Saturday said they had “serious doubts” about Iran’s intentions to revive a nuclear deal.

Kanaani warned the European sides against being influenced by propaganda waged by third parties that were against the negotiations from the very beginning and are now making their utmost to cause the talks to fail.

He added that it is unfortunate that with their ill-advised statement, the three European countries are following in the footsteps of the Zionist regime to push the talks toward failure, and obviously, if this approach continues, they should also accept responsibility for its consequences.

Kanaani pointed to the European sides ‘improper and politically-motivated’ action to pave the way for the anti-Iran resolution at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman advised the European troika to play a more active role in order to resolve the remaining issues instead of trying to scuttle the process of the negotiations.

Kanaani underlined the need to avoid politicizing the nuclear matter and making baseless accusations against Iran, saying it’s regrettable that the European troika on the one hand throws their full support behind Israel that possesses hundreds of atomic warheads and is not committed to any non-proliferation regime and on the other hand wages a propaganda against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program that has been subject to the most thorough inspections.

He underscored Iran is still ready and resolved to finalize a deal and believes that if the other sides have the required determination and avoid being influenced by outside pressures, it is possible to swiftly reach an agreement.

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