Saturday, January 22, 2022

Iran envoy: Economic crisis in Afghanistan paving way for extremism

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The Iranian ambassador to Kabul says the current economic crisis in Afghanistan is paving the way for extremism, particularly for Daesh terror group.

Iran will not recognize the current Afghan government unless its government is inclusive, Bahadur Aminian said in an interview with TOLO news.

He added Tehran might persuade other countries to recognize the Afghan government if the Islamic Emirate brings reforms to its government structure.

“If a group comes (to power) and the group is (comprised) of a single ethnic group and all other ethnic groups are not included in the government, we don’t accept it, and, therefore, we benevolently call on the Taliban rulers to form an inclusive government,” he continued.

The Iranian ambassador said that the current economic crisis will pave the way for extremism, particularly for Daesh.

“If the economic problems remain, it will cause more migration. If the economic problems remain, they will cause extremism, which will not only threaten Afghanistan but also the region,” the envoy added.

Aminian, however, denied reports that Iranian forces were treating Afghan refugees violently, saying that approximately four million Afghans are settled in Iran.

Iran’s government provided educational opportunities for the Afghan refugees, he added.

Aminian is optimistic over the US withdrawal of Afghanistan and states Tehran considers it part of its revenge against Washington for the killing of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

SourceTolo News

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