Iran’s Entekhab news outlet banned; editor in chief says due to story about Friday prayer leader

The editor in chief of an Iranian online news outlet reportedly banned by authorities has said he has no information about the ban but if the report is true, it’s due to a piece of news about the Friday prayer leader of Shiraz, in southern Iran.

Mostafa Faghihi told Rouydad24 that his news outlet, Entekhab, faces some complaints lodged by the media regulator and other authorities but the complaints were so serious as to lead to banning Entekhab.

Faghihi added that some quarters waged a campaign against Entekhab after it ran a story it took from Mehr News Agency.

The story quoted the Friday prayer leader of Shiraz as saying that President Ebrahimi Raisi has created 20 million jobs.

Faghihi stressed that Entekhab ran the story exactly as it was published by Mehr News without any addition.

Fars News Agency however says the media regulator of Iran decided to ban Entekhab after it posted an editorial titled “Auctioning off the Iran brand: Why has Iran’s foreign policy weakened so much?”

Fars added that Entekhab has published other editorials which were at odds with national interests and targeted the principled policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Entekhab news outlet is seen close to the reformist camp in Iran.

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