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Iran daily Covid deaths rising, 81 killed in 24 hours

Covid’s daily death toll in Iran hit a new high in weeks. The Iranian health ministry figures on Thursday showed that 81 Iranians died of the virus in the past 24 hours.

The daily caseload stood at 7,415. The new infections included 1,268 hospitalizations.

Covid has so far killed 142,290 people in Iran.

Iran says it’s in the throes of a new wave of the Covid pandemic. Authorities are urging people to get their booster shots of the Coronavirus vaccine to contain the disease and observe the health protocols, in particular wearing mask.

Meanwhile, a new study shows that the virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China.
Some people believe that the virus emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology but a study can now finally confirm that COVID-19 originated in a wet market in Wuhan.

Analyses based on locations and viral sequencing of early COVID-19 cases pinpoint the origins of the pandemic to the sale of live animals at that market. Genomic studies revealed that the SAS-Cov-2 virus jumped into humans not just once but on two separate occasions.

US researchers traced COVID-19 back to the market where foxes, raccoon dogs and other live animals vulnerable to the virus were sold immediately before the pandemic began.

It is likely that the first spread to humans from animals occurred in two separate transmission events in the wet market in late November 2019.

The findings come as COVID has killed nearly 6.4 million people worldwide.

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