Monday, April 22, 2024

Official: Covid not over yet; masks still necessary

A member of Iran’s Scientific Committee on the Coronavirus has criticized the national broadcasting organization for a TV show in which a “feast of abandoning of face masks” was held.

Ahmad Tabatabaei says the coronavirus pandemic is not over stressing that such moves in a popular TV show creates a “false trust” in the public and exposes people to infection.

Iranian health officials have been warning the public against going back to normal as they say the pandemic persists.

The spokesman for the National Taskforce Against the Coronavirus now says no new variant of the virus is traced in the country adding that no new concern is expected to in the world at least for the next two months.

Abbas Shir Ojan, however, says new variants are likely to emerge in the future as a large proportion of the people around the world remain unvaccinated.

This, he said, keeps the cycle of Covid alive.

Iran experienced zero-deaths in the Covid fatalities a few days ago while the infection cases remain two-digit, the first time since the start of the pandemic in the country in early 2020.

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