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Iran Covid death toll unchanged in third day in a row

Iran’s daily Covid death toll has remained unchanged for a third day in a row. The Iranian health ministry figures on Saturday showed that 9 people had died of the virus in the past 24 hours.

The Friday and Thursday tallies were also 9. The number of Covid fatalities has remained single-digit in the past days in Iran.

The daily caseload on Saturday was also 159, which is very low compared to the peak of the sixth wave of the Coronavirus in Iran with tens of thousands of infections per day. The new infections put 28 people in hospital.

The total death toll from Covid in Iran is 141,271.

The downward trend in fatalities and new cases has been attributed to people’s strict observance of the health protocols and also to a nationwide vaccination campaign that has seen tens of millions of people inoculated against the disease.

The number of red cities and towns in Iran is now zero. These are areas where risk from the Coronavirus is highest. The number of blue cities and towns stands at 193. Blue areas are those where things have returned to normal.

Covid has killed millions worldwide and has inflicted hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses across the world as well.

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