Thursday, June 20, 2024

Iran confirms Omicron cases in country

The Iranian Coronavirus Task Force has confirmed cases of the Omicron strain of the deadly virus in the country.

“In an emergency meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force held at the health ministry, it was confirmed that cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 have been observed in Iran,” said the ministry’s Public Relations Office.
In the meeting, participants also exchanged views on drawing up new health protocols.
They stressed the necessity of the injection of the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine as well as wearing face masks and observing other health protocols in order to contain the spread of the new strain of the virus.
Meanwhile, a member of the task force reiterated that Omicron turns into the predominant variant of COVID-19 in 17 days while the Delta strain took 100 days to become the dominant breed of the virus.
He said the Omicron variant is likely to have entered Iran as borders are open and flights are running.
“Observations show the number of Omicron infections is increasing in different countries day by day, and there is a possibility that it is present Iran,” said he task force member.
“If observed in the country, Omicron can change the situation from blue to red; so, health directives should be taken more seriously,” he said.

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