Saturday, February 4, 2023

Iran Commemorates Poet Ferdowsi

Iranian cultural centers in Tehran and Mashhad are commemorating Abulqasem Ferdowsi, the poet of the Persian epic masterpiece Shahnameh, during a six-day celebration which began on Monday.

Khorasan Razavi Farhangian University hosted the Seminar of Hakim Ferdowsi on Monday, during which Ferdowsi expert Nasser Kanaani delivered a speech. The university also hosted a meeting entitled “Ferdowsi and Shahnameh through the Eyes of the Orient” on Tuesday.

Tehran will continue the celebration on Wednesday by a pardehkhani (curtain-reading) performance by Shahu Salehi and a lecture by director of Ferdowsi Foundation Yaser Movahedfar at the Rostamabad Cultural Center in the Farmanieh neighborhood.

In addition, some Shahnameh experts, including Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi, Qadamali Sarami and Mahmud Sadeqizadeh, will speak during a session at the Tehran International Book Fair on Friday.

Tehran’s City Theater Complex will also contribute to the Ferdowsi celebration on Friday with “The Path of Affection, Mystery of the Heavens”, a performance by director Shokrekhoda Gudarzi.

The celebration will end on Ferdowsi National Day on May 14 with a speech by ECO Cultural Institute President Iftikhar Husain Arif, and a performance of naqqali, a style of storytelling dedicated to epic stories from the Shahnameh.

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