Saturday, January 22, 2022

Iran Collecting Plasma of Recovered Patients to Treat Active COVID-19 Infections

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Iran has launched a project to collect the plasma of coronavirus patients who have recovered in order to use it for the treatment of individuals infected with the virus.

The Blood Transfusion Organization announced that the project will get off the ground as of April 20, 2020.

Head of the organization Payman Eshqi said in this project the plasma of patients who have recovered will be collected and stored in 14 provinces.

Iran 1st Country to Use Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 Treatment
Iran 1st Country to Use Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 Treatment

“The project involves people who achieved full recovery at least a month ago,” he added.

He expressed hope patients who have recovered from the coronavirus infection will cooperate with the organization to help it run the project well.

He said the Blood Transfusion Organization is the only legal authority in the country responsible for providing blood products needed by patients.

“The organization has a duty to work at its best to help patients in need and supply the blood products they need,”

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he added.

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