Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘Iran had better mend ties with Saudi Arabia before Riyadh normalizes with Israel’

An expert on the Middle East says Iran had better pursue a current window of opportunity to hold talks with Saudi Arabia and mend bilateral ties with Riyadh before the latter potentially engages in a normalization of relations with the Israeli regime.

“There is no issue between Iran and Saudi Arabia that is fundamental and unresolvable,” Sabah Zanganeh told Tehran–based Khabar Online new outlet on Saturday.

“Most of what is talked about is related to the type of Iranian presence in different countries, which has been discussed so many times before, and there seems to be no obstacle to the negotiations (between Iran and Saudi Arabia).”

Zanganeh added, though, that those talks had better be pursued before the presidential election in the United States and before Saudi Arabia potentially jumps on the bandwagon of Arab countries normalizing ties with Israel.

“Generally speaking, Saudi ties with the US aren’t exactly sweet when Democrats are in power… But the new election in the US may place the Republicans in power, and Saudi Arabia’s policies may change as well,” he said.

“But of course, the mending of ties had better be finalized before Saudi Arabia joins… (the several other Arab countries) in normalizing relations with the Zionist regime,” he cautioned.

Zanganeh said the time was right for the negotiations to proceed smoothly at this point in time and the Israelis and extremist Americans shouldn’t be allowed to sabotage that process.

“Now is the easiest time to do this,” he said, referring to the negotiations between Tehran and Riyadh.

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