Iran condemns awarding Nobel Peace Prize to an Iranian as “spiteful, political”

Iran has condemned as biased and political, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an Iranian, Tehran says “has been found guilty of frequently violating the law and engaging in criminal acts.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said, “We condemn the move by the Nobel committee as spiteful and politically-motivated.”

Kanani added that what the Nobel Peace Committee did was a political move in line with the meddlesome and anti-Iran policy of some European governments, including the government hosting the headquarters of the Nobel Peace Committee, which shows its disappointing deviation from its primary goals and the use of the committee as a tool.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underlined that the statement of the committee was riddled with false and counterfactual claims about Iran’s developments, “which is an indication of the policy of some European governments to falsify news and produce misguided and deviant narratives about Iran’s internal developments.”

Kanani pointed out that the Iranian people have, for more than four decades, witnessed political and economic pressures including the economic and inhumane terrorism of some Western countries against them, while self-styled defenders of human rights never dare to condemn these crimes or pay tribute to the Iranian people’s unparalleled resistance against the oppressive and inhumane sanctions that are contrary to the international obligations of the West.

Kanaani said the latest move by the Nobel Peace Committee is another link in the chain of pressures from Western quarters against Iran.

The Nobel Peace Committee awarded its prize of 2023 to Nargess Mohammadi, a jailed Iranian woman activist.

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