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Iran Army says resolved to avenge blood of martyrs of Shiraz terror attack

The Iranian Army says it is resolved to avenge the blood of the martyrs of a terror attack at a Shia shrine in the city of Shiraz, and that it stands prepared to crush the enemies with “an iron fist” in any location.

Referring to the recent protests and deadly riots in Iran, the Army said in a statement the enemies designed the recent wave of riots with the goal of creating insecurity and unrest in Iran, and that the terror attack on Shah Cheragh Shrine was part of the same conspiracy.

Fifteen people were shot dead and dozens wounded in the terror attack at the shrine on Wednesday, shortly before evening prayers when the site was crowded with pilgrims.
The perpetrator of the crime died on Thursday.

Earlier reports suggested that two terrorists were arrested, while a manhunt is underway for a third.

The Takfiri Daesh terror group claimed responsibility for the bloodshed.

“Undoubtedly, the futile attempts of the enemies will not only fail to deal any blow to the Iranian nation’s will, but will instead consolidate their unity and solidarity and strengthen their determination to pursue the ideals of Imam [Khomeini] and the Revolution,” it added.
It offered condolences on the martyrdom of the pilgrims, saying it is ready to take revenge for them from the enemies of Iran and Islam.

The Army also blasted the deafening and surprising silence of those who call themselves advocates of human rights as well as foreign-based mercenaries on the terror attack, describing it as a clear indication of hypocrisy.

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