Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Iran says 50 million Covid jabs stockpiled, ready to export

Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi says Iran has stockpiled 50 million doses of Covid vaccine.

Einollahi added that Iran is ready to export Covid jabs to other countries and will not sign contracts with domestic vaccine producers for now.

The health minister said more than 96 percent of Iranians have received one shot of the Coronavirus vaccine and over 86 percent have got the second dose while more than 55 percent are triple-vaxxed.

Einolalhi also said before President Ebrahim Raisi took office, 50 thousand people referred to vaccination place daily and as many as 700 people died of the Coronavirus each day.

According to him, after Raisi’s term began, the number of people showing up at vaccination centers and getting inoculated rose to 8.6 million people each week.

Einollahi said since last autumn, 11 thousand people have died of the virus in Iran while after the onset of the pandemic up until mid autumn of last year, 132 thousand people had died of Covid.

He pointed to other measures by the government to fight the Coronavirus, saying the health ministry manufactured the Omicron diagnostic kit inside the country, and during the outbreak of this variant of Covid, it doubled the number of ICU beds for children as many of them were contracting the disease.

Einollahi noted that more than 2.5 million foreign nationals, even though they were in Iran illegally, received Covid services.

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