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“Responsible Freedom” is the motto of 2014 Press Exhibition

Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Hossein Entezami, says the 2014 Press Exhibition will zero in on “Responsible Freedom”.

The 20th Exhibition of Press and News Agencies, which will be held in Tehran November 8-14, focuses on “Responsible Freedom”, said Hossein Entezami, the deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in charge of the Press Department.

Khabaronline ( reported on October 29 that the exhibition will open in Tehran’s Grand Musalla on November 8 and will run through November 14. What comes below is the translation – in part – of the report by Khabaronline:

Entezami recalled the motto picked for the 2014 exhibition and said, “Mass media should be free to accomplish their mission.”

He went on to say that the eleventh government has adopted “Press freedom should be exercised according to law” as one of its platforms, adding, “Naturally, the government is going down the path of press freedom. Media too have responsibilities to undertake when it comes to social questions. They should take heed of social issues and honor their commitments.”

The deputy minister then said that ten groups will take part in the big cultural event, among them newspapers, news agencies, press organizations, non-Farsi journals, as well as provincial and sporting publications.

Entezami, who also represents press managers in the Press Supervisory Board, said that this year’s exhibition will have new additions such as media which focus on religion and thinking, public relations offices and press-related businesses.

Registration for participation in the expo starts on October 28, he said, adding the media which fail to sign up will be given another opportunity later to apply.

Another section the deputy minister touched upon in his briefing was the exhibition’s Policymaking Council. He said that the council is comprised of the Coordination Council of the Media Management Organizations and top ranking officials of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s Press Department.

He then spoke of four media management organizations and said the heads of these organizations have a seat on the Coordination Council of the Media Management Institutions which helps plan the programs to be executed in the exhibition.

A change in the way the exhibition’s bulletin is released is on the agenda this year, he said, adding that each day one of the newspapers will put out the daily bulletin in line with the regulations worked out by the Coordination Council.

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