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Khatibzadeh: IAEA director general can visit Iran but as a tourist

The spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry has dismissed the comments by the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency on visiting the country for technical talks, saying he can visit but as a tourist.

Saeed Khatibzadeh said during his weekly presser on Monday that the exchanges between Iran and the agency continue within the technical framework.

Khatibzadeh added that any breakthrough needs an agenda therefore a visit by Rafael Grossi as the IAEA director general also requires an agenda before it can take place.

The spokesman talked about Grossi’s visit to Israel on the eve of the meeting of the IAEA’s Board of Governors and the issuance of an anti-Iran resolution during the meeting.

He said, “Grossi met with wrong people at the wrong time and in the wrong place.”

“It is unfortunate that the director general of the IAEA, as an agent of the organization, puts this structure at the disposal of such a law-breaking regime. It means the structure has been mocked and challenged by its own agent,” he said.

Khatibzadeh added that the anti-Iran resolution by the agency disrupted the roadmap defined between Iran and the agency.

He referred to Iran reactions to the IAEA resolution adding that Tehran’s measures were “definitely decisive and proportionate”, stressing that the steps are within the framework of the agency’s regulations.

The spokesman further explained that Iran only stopped its voluntary measures and all the IAEA monitoring cameras relevant to its safeguards commitments remain in place in Iran’s nuclear sites.

“If an agreement is finalized in Vienna tomorrow, all measures of Iran are technically reversible. What is not reversible is the economic terrorism of the US and those who supported it. The pain they inflicted on the Iranian people is not reversible,” he said.

Khatibzadeh also said the IAEA’s director general is making comments beyond his duty and capacity, saying he even made remarks on Iran’s economy during an interview on Sunday, which he said is “wrong”.

The spokesman also talked about the moves by “Zionists” in northern Iraq, telling “friends in Iraq as an advice” to take care of the country’s geographical borders to make sure it is not exploited by “outlaws” for measures against the security of Iraq’s friends in Iran.

He also announced an upcoming visit by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Iran, saying the details will be announced by the foreign ministry.

The spokesman also talked about the move by the US State Department to offer rewards on information on the financial mechanisms of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

“It is a source of pride for Iran to see the IRGC has turned into the nightmare of outlaws, aggressors and terrorists,” he said.

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