Friday, December 2, 2022

Hybrid Cars May Enter Tehran’s Restricted Zones without Traffic Permit

Hybrid cars don't need a traffic permit to enter restricted zones in Tehran as they produce little or no harmful emissions, said the head of the Executive Center of Tehran's Traffic Police.

Colonel Masoud Jabbarzadeh, however, added that owners of hybrid vehicles must refer to the transportation deputy for traffic permits and submit the needed documents such as driver’s license and the car’s registration documents before they can drive in the restricted zones.

This ruling might change in the future but for now owners of hybrid vehicles do not need to pay an extra amount for entering the restricted zones, Fars News Agency reported.

Jabbarzadeh cautioned that drivers of such vehicles must not assume that they can enter the restricted zones upon purchasing a hybrid vehicle; they must register the cars at the relevant offices before they can enter the restricted zones, and they will be informed later of the date from when they can enter the restricted zones.

Unfortunately, certain dealerships have falsely been advertising that owners of hybrid cars can enter the restricted zones without having a traffic permit, he said.

“While this is partly true, drivers will be fined for entering the zones if they do not register the vehicle details beforehand.”

There are currently 3,312 hybrid vehicles in Iran and 2,523 units are in Tehran.

Regular cars must pay $8 per day to obtain a traffic permit for entering restricted zones, which are in central Tehran and see high volumes of traffic that contribute to heavy air pollution. The restrictions have been put in place to tackle these issues. Cars which do not have permits may not enter the zones on weekdays between 6am to 7pm and are fined if they do so.

Recently, the Tehran Municipality has also expanded the restricted zones to cover further areas in all directions from the city center.

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