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History Shows Iran Won’t Give in to Bullying: President

President Hassan Rouhani says history has shown that the Iranian people never surrender to the bullying and coercion by any power.

Speaking in a Monday meeting with Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis in Tehran, President Rouhani said relations between countries should be based on international regulations and the UN Security Council resolutions.

“The United States has sought to eliminate the Islamic Republic and interfere in Iran’s internal affairs for many years, and Mr [Donald] Trump has made a miscalculation by thinking that he could overthrow the Islamic Republic within three months by putting pressure on Iran and waging an economic war,” Rouhani said.

The president said Iran has been – and will remain – committed to international rules and multilateral agreements.

“Any day that the United States decides to admit to its mistakes, make up for its unlawful actions and return to Resolution 2231 and the JCPOA, the path is clear for them,” he noted.

The President emphasised, “Today, it is clear to the Americans that they have made a mistake and will not achieve their goal through pressure and sanctions.”

He described the US sanctions and economic war against the Islamic Republic, the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian military official in another country, as well as the violation of the Iranian airspace as clear examples of Washington’s economic terrorism, terrorist operations and air terrorism.

“We expect all friendly and free countries in the world not to remain silent in the face of terrorism and the unlawful actions committed by the United States over the years,” he added.

Rouhani stated that Iran expected the European countries to take decisive and explicit action against the US economic terrorism, which has even prevented the entry of medicine into Iran during the outbreak of coronavirus.

He further called for a more active participation in Switzerland’s financial channel and its more effective and useful role.

The president further referred to Switzerland as an important country in Europe, and hailed the good and friendly relations between the two countries over the past years.

He also highlighted the significance of the development of Tehran-Bern relations in various fields including science, health, agriculture, and environment, among others.

Rouhani also referred to the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus in many countries around the world, and expressed hope that the two states would share their experiences in the fight against COVID-19 and develop their cooperation in this regard.

In turn, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis referred to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of political and diplomatic relations between the two countries, and described the relations between Iran and Switzerland as very good and sincere. He also stressed the development and deepening of these relations in all fields.

“All countries around the world need to know that there is a strong legal system in the world so that they can live in security; therefore, it is important that everyone, especially powerful countries, fully comply with international rules and regulations,” said the Swiss foreign minister.

We are aware of the problems caused by the US sanctions on the Iranian people, said Cassis, adding, “The Swiss financial channel has been designed and launched to solve these problems and we will try to increase the useful role of this channel.”

“We are still with Iran to solve the problems and we will try to play our part,” he said, adding, “During this visit, I had very good meetings with the officials of the Islamic Republic, which can be the basis for developing and strengthening relations between the two countries in different fields.”

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