Sunday, June 23, 2024

Iranian paper: Hijab quarrel on bus linked to bigger agenda

A recent spat between two women on a bus in the Iranian capital Tehran over their hijab that turned ugly has been serving as ammo for heated debates on social media.

A video footage has been circulating on social media since Saturday showing a woman with full Islamic hijab getting into a frantic altercation with a woman who had removed her head gear in an intra-city transit bus.

The hijab wearing woman, while recording the incidents, was finally thrown out of the bus and the hijab-less woman was reportedly arrested for restoring to violence and violating the dress code.

The law mandates that women in Iran wear a hijab in public.

Iran’s Hamshahri newspaper has said in a report that the detained woman has been in contact with Masih Alinejad, a fugitive Iranian journalist the Islamic Republic says is a US State Department agent.

Alinejad has launched a campaign to actively instigate Iranian women to flout the law by removing their hijab in public.

Hamshahri also wrote that foreign agents are using hijab as a pretext to cause a rift among the nation, warning the radical individuals and groups in Iran not to play into the hands of those whose ultimate goal is to topple the Islamic establishment.

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