Hezbollah confirms three fighters killed in Lebanon

Hezbollah has confirmed that three of its members were killed in southern Lebanon while “they were engaged in fighting”. Israel’s military had previously announced they struck a squad of Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon with a drone.

Hezbollah conducted six attacks on Israeli military posts along the Lebanese border on Wednesday using guided missiles, machine guns and 57-mm mortars, the group has said.

Fighters attacked an Israeli tank in el-Raheb, an observation post in Manara and military posts in other four areas, the group added. The attacks took place on the eastern and western sides of the border.

Hezbollah claimed to have inflicted casualties on Israeli troops. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has not yet commented on the group’s claim.

Three Hezbollah fighters were killed, the group confirmed without providing further details.

Nine rockets fired from Lebanese territory crossed into northern Israel on Wednesday, the IDF said in a statement.

Four of the rockets were intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array, it added.

“Several launches of anti-tank missiles toward the areas of Metula, Malkia, and Manara were identified. The IDF is responding with fire toward the origins of the shootings,” the Israeli military said earlier Wednesday.

“An IDF (drone) thwarted a terrorist cell which fired mortar shells toward the area of Turmus,” it added.

This fighting is centered on northern Israel and southern Lebanon — separate from Israel’s fighting with Hamas farther south, which is centered around Gaza.

But an uptick in clashes with Hezbollah has raised fears the powerful Lebanese group could actively participate in the conflict. Hezbollah has unambiguously supported the Palestinian fighters and roundly condemned Israel’s large-scale airstrikes on Gaza.

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