Friday, March 1, 2024

Hezbollah condemns desecration of Quran by extremists in Sweden

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has blasted desecration of the Holy Quran by “extremists” in Sweden as an “open attack on Muslims’ faith” saying the “intentional insult” and “transgression against the book of God” is not tolerable and cannot be ignored.

“This move is a repetition of the past hideous attempts and dirty caricatures that targeted Holy Prophet Mohammad,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

The movement called on Swedish officials to identify the move as a crime and make sure the most stringent preventive measures are taken up against them, to prevent such “hateful” incidents.

Hezbollah also called on the entire Muslim world as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League and top religious figures and international human rights bodies to launch a massive campaign to condemn desecration of the Holy Quran.

On Friday, the leader of a Danish far right sect and his followers in the Swedish city of Linkoping set fire on a volume of the Holy Quran, triggering a wave of protests in Sweden and a number of Islamic countries.

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