Saturday, September 23, 2023

Denmark seeking to ban Quran burnings after Muslim outrage

The Danish government says it plans to ban Quran burnings after a string of desecrations of Islam’s holy book in the Scandinavian nation sparked anger in Muslim countries.

The government will present a bill that will “prohibit the inappropriate treatment of objects of significant religious importance to a religious community,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard told reporters.

He added the legislation was aimed especially at burnings and desecrations in public places.

Hummelgaard said Quran burnings were a “fundamentally contemptuous and unsympathetic act” that “harm Denmark and its interests.”

The new legislation would be included in chapter 12 of Denmark’s penal code, which covers national security.

Hummelgaard stated that national security was the main “motivation” for the ban.

“We can’t continue to stand by with our arms crossed while several individuals do everything they can to provoke violent reactions,” he continued.

The legislation will also apply to desecrations of the Bible, the Torah or, for example, a crucifix.

Those who break the law risk a fine and two years in prison.

In recent months, several copies of the Quran have been burned by far-right protesters and Islamophobic agitators in Denmark and nearby Sweden.

The provocative stunts, considered sinful by the Muslim world, have spurred anguish in several countries, where many have urged European governments to take stronger action and prevent the incidents.

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