Sunday, June 23, 2024

Poll shows majority of Danes support ban on Quran burning

Slightly over a half of Danes believe there should be a ban in place on the burning of the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, a poll released Saturday shows.

The Megafon survey conducted for a local TV news channel found that 51% of 1,008 people polled totally or mostly agreed with the government’s motion to ban Quran-burning outside of embassies, while 39% were against it.

Over the past month, the holy Muslim book has been subject to acts of desecration by extremist elements multiple times in Sweden and Denmark, whose governments have sanctioned and justified such insults as “freedom of expression.”

The sacrilegious acts have ignited the ire of the entire Muslim community across the globe. Several countries have summoned or expelled Swedish and Danish ambassadors.

The Nordic countries have deplored the desecration of the Quran but claimed that they cannot prevent it under constitutional laws protecting freedom of speech.

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