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Harsin, a tourist destination as old as history in western Iran

The beautiful and ancient city of Harsin, dubbed by some archaeologists “The oldest city of Iran”, is a perfect tourist destination given that it is home to many historical monuments. However, many people know little about this unique region. Harsin is among the oldest cities of Iran and Asia and is located 44 kilometers east of the provincial capital of Kermanshah Province.

Bistoun Inscription

The Bistoun Inscription is one of the most historical landmarks in Harsin. The inscription was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006 and is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists each year. The Bistoun Inscription counts as one of the most important documents of world history. Other historical monuments of Harsin are the Stone Pond, the Stone Arc, the Stone Staircase, the Throne of Shirin and the Sassanid Wall.  An Iranian archaeologist says Harsin has been a human habitat for 6,500 years.

Delicious Foods

There are a wide range of foods in Harsin that are all delicious including sliced ​​almond stew, curd and eggplant soup, meatballs, dandeh (rib) kebab and doogh soup. The key characteristic of Harsin’s foods is that they are healthy and do not contain too much fat and salt.

Magic Forests

Some of the most amazing oak forests are located 30 kilometers from Harsin. The Seymareh River originates here and enters Lorestan Province after passing through northern Ilam Province.

 Harsin’s World Famous Kilims

This is Harsin’s most important handicraft. It’s unique due to its beautiful patterns and high quality. There are up to 2,500 kilim weavers in Harsin.
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