Hamadan to Host ‘Splendid Iran’ as Chinese Tourists Arrive

Avicenna Mausoleum
Avicenna Mausoleum

An Iranian official says a national event entitled “Splendid Iran” will be held in Hamadan Province from 24 January to 9 February, when a host of Chinese tourists are expected to arrive as the event coincides with the New Chinese Year.

The event features winter story-telling competitions in Korsi-Khaneh, which are rooms facing winter sunshine, with a Korsi, a traditional item of furniture in Persian culture, a type of low-table with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it.

The “Splendid Iran” also introduces Chinese customs and traditions.

Giant dolls in the streets, cooking a whole variety of soups and broths, skiing, launching squash carnivals (cars adorned with squash) and cooking and serving squash in Hamadan are also included in the event.



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