Friday, March 1, 2024

Former Iranian spokesman: US shifting blame for pause in Vienna talks onto other

The former spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said the Islamic Republic has a right to demand explanation from Russia over the pause in the Vienna talks.

Speaking to Jamaran news website, Hamidreza Asefi said the Russian officials have said they will explain what they are after in the coming days.

Asefi added that he learned serious talks are underway between Iran and Russia over the matter.

He suggested the issue Russia has raised are about the US’s history of going back on their word and have nothing to do with Iran.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the former Iranian ambassador to Germany and France however said the hiatus in the Vienna talks is due to the US’s greed and its demands that cross Iran’s red lines.

Asefi said the negotiations hit the snag because Washington has not yet given any guarantees and that it has failed to adequately remove sanctions.

He further spoke of Russia’s calls for guarantees that its ties with Iran will not be affected by Ukraine-related sanctions on Moscow.

Asefi said had Russia not made such a demand, the talks would have still come to a halt because of the US.

He accused Washington of maliciously shifting the blame for the pause in the negotiations onto other countries while it’s Washington that is at fault for the current stoppage of negotiations.

Asefi then turned to Europe’s role and the European troika’s warning that the talks could collapse.

He said the three European parties to the talks are not acting independently and are in fact agents of the US.

Asefi reiterated that these governments are placing the blame on a third country so as to remove pressure on Washington.

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