Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Former Iranian diplomat: Nuclear talks at turning point

A Former Iranian diplomat says a turning point is taking shape in efforts aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Kourosh Ahmadi told Entekhab news outlet given that EU Foreign Policy Chief Josef Borrell has said a proposed deal has been drafted that has no alternative, the US and its allies may be preparing to pressure Iran.

Ahmadi added that next measures by the West could be taking the Iran issue to the UN Security Council because of Tehran’s increased nuclear activities inducing uranium enrichment.

He noted that another factor in stepping up efforts to get Iran to agree to the draft is that the West is worried about an insane move by the Israeli regime.

Ahmadi said mere tensions between Iran and Israel could adversely affect the energy markets and shoot up prices.

The former diplomat noted that the current stalemate in the talks between Iran and the other sides to revive the nuclear deal does not serve the interests of any of the parties to the negotiations.

Ahmadi said in the event of a deal, Iran will be able to secure its share of the energy markets.

He also said Iran has a good bargaining chip in the talks because of its enrichment capability which could enable it to extract concessions from the other sides.

Ahmadi said direct talks between Iran and the US will make it easier for both sides to speed up progress in negotiations and to better understand each other’s points.

He however underlined that direct talks will be fruitful if the two sides give in to each other’s demands.

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