Saturday, March 2, 2024

Two fires hit trade buildings in Tehran, one fireman killed

Two fires on Saturday happened separately in the Iranian capital Tehran killing one fireman.

One fire broke out at a trade and office building on Bahar Street, killing a firefighter.

The fireman first went missing during the operation to put out the blaze in downtown the capital. Later, officials confirmed him dead. He is said to have fallen into the elevator’s pit.

Images posted online showed firefighters grieving the loss of their colleague.

They say chances are that the building will collapse.

The other fire burned 11 shops near Tehran’s Bazaar. The firefighting department was called in to put the fire out at 15:39 PM local time on Nasser Khosro Street, south of the capital.

The blaze happened at a two-story shopping center where chemicals and electronic devices are sold.

The firefighters later extinguish the blaze. Two people suffered minor injuries in the incident. Officials are investigating the causes of the fires.

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