Saturday, April 20, 2024

Expert: Upcoming visit by Russia’s deputy PM shows Moscow serious about Iran ties

International affairs expert Saleh Eskandari says the upcoming visit by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Valentinovich Novak to Tehran shows the determination of the Russians in pursuing strategic relations with Iran.

“He is the highest-ranking Russian official to come to Tehran to follow up on the Iranian President’s visit to Russia,” he explained.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited Moscow in January and sat down for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The two sides signed key cooperation agreements during the trip.

Eskandari said investment by Russian companies in the oil industry, cooperation in stabilizing the global oil market, serious cooperation in the framework of OPEC Plus, cooperation in the form of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, etc. indicate that they are willing to invest up to 50 billion dollars in Iranian oil and gas sectors.

One of the opportunities provided by Novak’s travel is massive purchase of wheat and oilseeds from Russia to meet the needs of the country as the world is facing a serious lack of wheat and oilseeds due to the Ukraine war and the widespread drought in the world, he added.

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