Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ex envoy in Baku: Iran can sue Azerbaijan for ‘human trafficking’ in embassy attack case

A former Iranian ambassador in Baku has waded in the tensions over the attack on the Azerbaijan Republic’s embassy in Tehran in January.

Mohsen Pak Aein says the embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic is responsible for human trafficking as it helped the wife of the assailant to exit Iran illegally.

“The passport of the assailant of the Azerbaijan embassy in Tehran, Golnar Ali Yava, has been in the hands of her husband. She exited Iran without the husband’s consent in April 2022,” Pak Aein said in a tweet.

“Legally speaking, this move is an example of human trafficking by a diplomatic institution and is prosecutable by domestic and international courts.”

One embassy staff was killed and Baku closed the mission following the armed attack.

This comes amid tensions following Baku’s silence about Iran’s official request for explanation over the Israeli foreign minister’s comment that he and his Azerbaijani counterpart agreed to form a united front against Iran.

Iran considers Israel its arch-foe and says it cannot naturally remain indifferent to Israeli plots against the country, hatched from the Azerbaijan Republic.

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