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Downtown Tehran, Second Home of Bibliophiles

Enqelab Avenue in downtown Tehran is the “book” hub of Tehran, a place where publishers have sales outlets and major bookshops are located. Street book vendors are also an integral part of the neighbourhood.

Enqelab Avenue in downtown Tehran stretches 5 kilometres from the Enqelab Square all the way to the east, leading to the landmark Imam Hussein Square.

Enqelab Avenue is one of the main thoroughfares of Tehran not only because it is one of the major venues for rallies and demonstrations, but because it is a place where the University of Tehran and large bookstores are located.

The western stretch of the avenue from the Enqelab Square to the Vali-e-Asr Junction is one of the busiest and most popular places in the capital.

That stretch of the avenue is the hub of bookshops some of which belong to major publishers. In addition, shops selling stationery, engineering equipment as well as medical equipment and uniforms are located on Enqelab Avenue. The avenue is also home to large numbers of newsstands, cafes and cinemas.

The Enqelab Square is the “book quarter” of Tehran. Most publishers and wholesalers of books have a sales outlet at or near the Enqelab Square.

In fact, this span of Enqelab Avenue is known for its publishers and bookshops. Some publishers have shops on the main avenue, and some are located on nearby streets. Street vendors selling books are also part of the show.

What follows are IBNA’s photos of these vendors who offer a wide range of books, from vintage books to even illegal ones:

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