Friday, March 1, 2024

Any deal between Iran, US would be merely a break in confrontation: Commentator

An Iranian political commentator says if the negotiations between Iran and the US produce a deal, that would only be an intermission in the broader state of hostilities, and that the antagonism between them does not stop.

“Even if a deal is made, it is common sense that it will be a break in the midst of confrontation,” Mehdi Mottahar-nia told ISNA on Sunday.

“Neither Tehran has changed its position, nor Washington has backed off from its demands. What has changed is their language.”

Mottahar-nia said the exchange of words between Iran and the US in written texts, unlike the former format of exchanging spoken words through European and other intermediaries, was better since responses were not being documented.

“There is not much difference between the two formats. Iran and the US aren’t directly negotiating in either way. The only difference is that… there are no travel costs [to Vienna]. By writing letters and written responses, issues are better documented and costs are cut, too,” he said.

The real talk is taking place between Iran and the United States, he said, and it is established that unless Tehran and Washington agree on a final text, European capitals and Beijing and Moscow cannot do anything.

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