Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Covid downward trend holds in Iran

according to Iranian Health Ministry tally on Friday. The deaths push the total kill count from Covid since the start of the pandemic to 140,940.

The Health Ministry also logged 1,096 new cases of the Coronavirus. They include 174 hospitalizations.

The downward trend in Covid deaths and infections has held in Iran over the past couple of months thanks to a nationwide vaccination campaign.

Iranian officials also credit the observance of health protocols by people for the declining numbers of Coronavirus deaths and cases.

Despite that, there are still a number of cities and towns in Iran that are marked red that shows people in those areas face the highest level of risk from the virus.

These people have been repeatedly urged by officials to be wary of Covid.

Iran has so far given nearly 148 million doses of Covid vaccine to people in the country including foreigners free of charge. Millions of people are tripled-vaxxed, meaning they have got their third, or booster, shots.

Iranian officials believe the country has done a better job than many other countries in terms of Covid containment.

The disease has killed millions worldwide, with the US being the worst hit country both death and infection wise. China initially brought Covid under control. But it’s now struggling to contain the virus which has resurged in its economic hub, Shanghai.

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