Coverage of Paris terror attacks in the Iranian press


The Iranian dailies have given extensive front-page coverage to the deadly coordinated Paris attacks.

The coordinated terror attacks on Friday in Paris were the main story of Iranian newspapers on Sunday (November 15).

Note: IFP has decided not to include Kayhan and Vatan-e Emrooz in its review of the front pages of Iranian dailies today because of the headlines they ran on the terrorist attacks in Paris. Iran Front Page views their headlines as running counter to the esprit de corps of the Iranian nation. To us, this is not censorship.


Ettela’at: Paris experienced its bloodiest night since World War II.

A series of attacks by IS in Paris left 160 dead and 200 others injured [Authorities have now revised down the death toll to 129 and put the number of injured at 352.]

The IS terrorist grouping has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks which prompted French authorities to declare three days of national mourning.




Abrar: France has put Schengen visa-free travel on hold.




Afarinesh: President Hollande has described Paris’ terrorist attacks as unprecedented in French history.




Afkar: The bloodiest night of Paris since World War II.




Aftab-e Yazd: A war theater in the heart of Paris.

The bloodiest terrorist attack in French history has left 160 dead and 200 others wounded.




Amin: Nightmare of death in Paris

Explosions, shootings and hostage-taking in Paris have left 153 dead and 200 others injured.




Arman-e Emrooz: Paris’ bloody night left 140 dead and 350 injured.

French authorities have declared a state of emergency; President Rouhani has called off his European tour.




Asr-e Eghtesad: Terrorist fireworks in Paris prompted French officials to put Schengen visa-free travel on hold.




Asr-e Iranian: France declares three days of national mourning.

IS says it is now time to take revenge on Washington, Rome and London.




Asrar: Bloody night in Paris

Europe in the grip of panic




Bahar: Tehran has sympathized with Paris.

The president’s European tour has been postponed following terrorist attacks in France.




Donyay-e Eghtesad: France in a state of war




Ebtekar: Paris in shock

Terrorist attacks in the French capital left at least 128 dead and 200 others injured.




Etemad: Horror, bloody terrorist attacks in Paris

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has sympathized with the French People.

[The daily has reprinted a foreign daily’s front page in French]

Etemad: On behalf of the Iranian nation, I condemn [the terrorist attacks in Paris], President Rouhani said in a message to his French counterpart.

Etemad: This time around the world took fright.

From silence in the face of the Beirut incident to uproar over the Paris carnage




Farhikhtegan: Iran is on the frontline of the fight against terrorism.

Iranian officials have extended condolences to those who lost loved ones on Paris’ Black Friday.




Financial Tribune: Europe on high alert

Rouhani cancels Europe trip over “inhuman” Paris attacks.




Forsat-e Emrooz: The sickle of violence in sleepless streets




Ghanoon: IS has caused a bloodbath in France; reactions to Paris’ Black Friday pour in.




Haft-e Sobh: Beirut, Baghdad and Paris

More than 200 were killed at the hands of IS in three historic cities in 48 hours.




Hambastegi: The French version of 9/11.

Armed terror attacks in Paris left 153 killed and 200 others injured.




Hamdeli: France’s September 11

How the world media covered Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris




Hamshahri: IS has declared war on Europe

The Vienna talks on Syria were held in the shadows of the Paris attacks.




Hemayat: Terrorism comes back to haunt its backers.




Iran: A nightmarish night in Paris

Unprecedented, coordinated attacks by IS terrorists in Europe have killed more than 120 and injured 200 others.

The symphony of death in Paris

Major cities across the world on alert




Iran Daily: At least 127 killed in Paris terrorist attacks

Rouhani condemns attacks, cancels Europe trip.

Assad: Attacks not isolated from bombings in Lebanon, Syria




Jahan-e Eghtesad: Paris in the night of horror




Jahan-e Sanat: IS declares war on France by staging six terrorist attacks on the French capital.




Jamejam: A bloody night in Paris




Javan: The return home

A thunderous night in Paris left 350 dead or injured.




Jomhouri Islami: Terrorists turned Paris into a bloodbath.

The French tasted the bitter taste of support for terrorists.




Kaenat: Terrorism goes global




Kar va Kargar: Terror attacks in Paris left 160 dead.

What happened in Paris showed that terrorism poses an international threat, said Foreign Minister Zarif.




Kasbokar: Horror in Paris; terror attacks in Paris have left more than 350 people killed or injured




Kayhan International: War in Central Paris




Khorasan: The IS boomerang

Massacre in Paris, panic in Europe

President Hollande has denounced the attacks as an act of war.




Mardomsalari: The bride of the world is butchered.

November 13 became a match for September 11.




Noavaran: Paris shed tears of blood.

Cracks have appeared in the glass security wall of the West.




Payam-e Zaman: The bloodiest night in Paris since the Second World War




Qods: IS returns home

IS there another 9/11 around the corner?




Rah-e Mardom: France declares three days of national mourning.

IS has vowed to stage attacks on Rome, London and Washington.




Resalat: The deadliest night in Paris leaves 380 dead or injured.

Europe is in a state of emergency.




Roozan: France in grief, Europe in panic

From the Charlie Hebdo shooting to the Paris catastrophe




Saheb Ghalam: The bloody night of Paris




Sayeh: The bride of Europe is draped in black in grief




Sepid: What happened in Paris hospitals in the bloody night of the French capital?




Setareh Sobh: September 11 repeated itself on November 13 in Paris.

Security is tightened around the world.




Shahrvand: Paris fell victim [to terror attacks].




Sharq: Horror in the heart of Paris

In the bloodiest offensive against a Western country since 9/11, IS terrorists stage attacks at six spots in Paris.

Iranians sympathize with Parisians affected by the terrorist bombings.




Shorou: Another September 11, this time in Paris

Iran has condemned the terror attacks in France and Lebanon.




SMT: Europe’s economy in shock




Taadol: A catastrophic year for Paris

Ten months after the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, there was a second terrorist massacre in Paris.




Tehran Times: France declares a state of emergency

We are at war with ISIL not with Islam: Dutch PM






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