Wednesday, November 30, 2022

China to Cooperate with Iran in Fighting COVID-19 Epidemic

China's Envoy to Tehran Chang Hua has expressed condolences over the passing of the Iranian coronavirus patients.

China closely follows the COVID-19 situation in Iran.  The spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry of China has expressed condolences over the passing of the Iranian patients.

As Ambassador of China to Iran, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the Iranian government and people. In this fight against the virus, China and Iran have been standing firmly together.

Since the outbreak of China, the Iranian government and people have provided precious support and assistance to China at the first time. We remember and cherish this friendship.

The epidemic in Iran has also affected the hearts of the Chinese people, and we have the same feeling with Iranian people.  “if you give me peaches and I will return you with fine drinks.”  China will maitain close communication and coordination with Iran, strengthen cooperation in epidemic prevention, and strive to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible,  to safeguard the health of our two peoples and global public health security.

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