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Caracal; A Golden Desert in Heart of Iran

Caracal is a name that may mislead you; while many people may assume it is the name of a place in Central America or Africa, Caracal is a glorious desert in the heart of Iran.

The desert is located near the city of Bafq in Iran’s central Yazd Province. The name of this desert is derived from the Caracal wild cat living in the area. These cats have always attracted the attention of local people for their high intelligence and ability to be tamed. These cats have also been popular for hunting after being technically trained. Desert cats and other wildlife animals can be found in the heart of this golden desert.

Caracal; A Golden Desert in Heart of IranThe Caracal is one of the eight species of existing cats in the country which is also called the desert’s black-ear.

Caracals could only be found in Africa and Asia. In Kazakhstan, which is the northernmost place one can find Caracals, the population of this carnivore is limited due to the hard winters. In India, which is the easternmost habitat of the animal, it is introduced as a rare species. This cat is easily tamed.

Caracal; A Golden Desert in Heart of IranThese days, tour managers have a special focus on the desert of Caracal, and organize tours of the desert to give the chance to tourists to watch these beautiful cats. These tours have also been warmly welcomed by tourists.

Riding a camel, safari, motorcycle riding on golden sands, walking through palm trees, and staying in a traditional residence are all one can expect from a trip to the desert.

We recommend that the tourists, who prefer to enjoy the silence of the desert, should have a trip to this desert. You can walk comfortably along this untouched desert.

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