Alleys in the city of Bushehr in the southern Iranian Bushehr province smell of spring.

The old quarter of the city pleases every passerby’s eye with its historical buildings and cafés as well as red- and pink-coloured bougainvillea glabra flowers.

You cannot miss the colourful bougainvillea glabra flowers lying on wooden mantelpieces, in flower pots, on railings, on the ground or even on the walls of houses. It looks as if a permanent flower festival is underway in the historical quarter of Bushehr all year round.

Bougainvillea glabra (also known as the lesser bougainvillea or paperflower) is a type of ivy native to South America.

Kiss-and-Make-Up Alley
Old kiss-and-make-up alleys are narrow alleys with cob walls where passersby have but to come face to face.

If negibours or locals are not on speaking terms, they are made to pass through those alleys to make up.

Kiss-and-make-up alleys exist in the older quarters of most Iranian cities located in hot climates, including Yazd, Shiraz, Kashan and Bushehr.

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