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Azmighan Village: A Picturesque Tourist Attraction in NE Iran

The Azmighan village in northeastern Iran is a marvel of nature and a unique tourist attraction.

Villages are the best destinations where one can directly get a sense of culture and traditions. Each village in every corner of the world has special features which draw tourists and visitors.

Iran, too, is home to some of these settlements which bring together an amalgamation of scenic beauty, architectural marvels and rich history to display picturesque scenes.

Now, we would like to take you to one of the most beautiful villages in northeastern Iran. The Azmighan village in South Khorasan province is nestled in the middle of a desert. Located some 1km above sea level, the village is one the most picturesque tourist attractions in the area.

Sixty-eight families with a total of 223 members live in Azmighan. Like other desert homes, their houses are made with mud bricks, earth and wood. In local vernacular, Azmighan means a place to have fun and enjoy oneself.

Azmighan Village: A Picturesque Tourist Attraction in NE Iran


Scenic Beauty in Middle of Desert

Azmighan is the only place where you can see both dates and rice grown together. The village has two regions: a hot and dry region where rice is grown, and a hot and humid region where they grow rice.

Azmighan is different from other desert villages as permanent rivers flow through it. Water, the key element of life, exists in Azmighan, giving the village a green and humid face.

Tourist Attractions

Among the most important tourist attractions in the village are a waterfall and diverse flora, including a 20-metre-tall fig tree which is 300 years old.

One of the tourist attractions of the village is Takht-e-Aroos, literally translated as “The Bride’s Bed.” It is a big white rock lying on a river bed at the bottom of a valley. The rock looks like a bed when seen from above as water keeps flowing on its both sides.

Azmighan Village: A Picturesque Tourist Attraction in NE Iran


Another tourist attraction is a shrine which is said to be the final resting place of a nephew of Imam Ali, the first Shiite Imam. The mausoleum lies on high ground overlooking the village.

People are deeply attached to the holy shrine. Every year, up to 10,000 pilgrims reportedly visit the mausoleum.

Among the historical attractions of Azmighan are old homes in the vicinity of the village. Some of them are used as warehouses or barns now.

Azmighan Village: A Picturesque Tourist Attraction in NE Iran


Leisure Activities in Azmighan

  1. Taking a walk through the alleys running through gardens
  2. Desert touring
  3. Taking photos
  4. Taking a dip and having a massage


Don’t be surprised! It is right that Azmighan is located in the heart of a desert, but it can be a suitable place for having a dip, swimming and diving. If your feet need some rest, you can put them in water for tiny fish to come and give you an enjoyable massage.

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