Friday, June 21, 2024

Azerbaijan to stop issuing visas to Iranians at airport from June 23

The Republic of Azerbaijan plans to stop issuing visas to Iranian citizens on their arrival at its airport from June 23.

The Iranian Embassy in Baku said the decision was announced by the Azeri Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It added that Iranian nationals who want to travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan need to visit the Azeri diplomatic missions in Iran to get their visas or apply for them on, which is a website launched by the Azeri Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this purpose.

Relations between Tehran and Baku soured several months ago after a man attacked the Azeri Embassy in Tehran. Iran arrested the attacker, saying the man did the attack on a personal motive.

Other developments also increased tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan including Baku’s push to carve out a chunk of land for its Zangezur route that would obliterate Iran’s border with Armenia.

Tehran objected to this plan, vowing to not allow any change in the region’s geopolitical map.

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