Atomic chief: Iran had 159 new achievements in nuclear industry last year

Iran’s nuclear chief praises the non-stop progress being made in the country’s nuclear industry despite all the sanctions and pressure, saying the Islamic Republic had 159 new achievements last Persian year (ended March 20).

Speaking during a show on national TV, Mohammad Eslami said the wave of unrest, which grappled Iran in 2022, did not stop the country’s nuclear industry from moving forward in various nuclear-related fields such as health, food security, medicine, medications, environment, industry and economy.

Among the achievements, he highlighted the products designed and developed to promote the health sector.

Eslami said the US has imposed a strict embargo on the Iranian companies producing radiopharmaceuticals.

“If we do not have a nuclear fuel cycle, we cannot provide these services to the people,” he said. “Westerners give us neither uranium nor yellow cake, because they wanted our people to be deprived of nuclear medicine and treatment.”

The fuel cycle, he added, is “a prerequisite” for the production of radiopharmaceuticals, and this cannot be done without [uranium] enrichment.”

“We plan to increase the nuclear capacity in these areas by seven times by the end of the next Iranian year (March 2025),” the atomic chief added.

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