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Armenians’ Music Museum in Central Iran: A Unique Attraction for Visitors

A museum known as the Treasure Trove of the Armenians of New Jolfa in the central Iranian city of Isfahan showcases the history of music and an assortment of musical items belonging to Armenians living in the city.

The first floor contains rooms and pavilions where visitors get familiar with the music background and traditions of Armenians in the New Jolfa neighbourhood.

On this floor, old methods of writing music notes in ceremonies held at the Armenian church, the role of music rhythms in churches, percussion instruments at the Armenian church and sharakans are introduced as important parts of hymns sung at the Armenian church.

Also on display on this floor are illustrations of those playing musical instruments as well as instruments themselves in Armenia as well as in New Jolfa. Musical instruments made by the best luthiers of New Jolfa are also displayed on this floor.

The second floor accommodates the performance hall, the audio library, the training room, the instrument-making workshop, and, the last but not least, the room where renowned Iranian musicians from Iran and around the world are introduced,
The museum was inaugurated on March 22, 2021.

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