Sunday, November 27, 2022

Airbus Delivers First Plane to Iran Air after Decades of Sanctions

Iran Air has reportedly received the first Airbus A321 passenger plane it had purchased from the giant airplane manufacturer Airbus in a deal that ended decades of sanctions against Iran’s aviation industry.

The agreement between Iran and Airbus, which was signed during a recent visit by President Hassan Rouhani to Paris, allows delivery of 100 Airbus planes to various Iranian airlines.

The first Airbus A321 is brand-new product and will shortly arrive in Iran after necessary preparation for flight.

Iran Air and Airbus finalized the deal in December 22 2016 and just after three weeks, it is taking effect with the first Airbus coming to Iran, thus renovating an outdated air fleet the government had been seeking to build anew, Mehr reported.

Managing Director of Iran’s national carrier, Iran Air, Farhad Parvaresh, had told reporters earlier that Iran would receive 7-8 planes by the end of 2016.

The lucrative deal includes 46 Airbus A320s, 38 Airbus 330s, and 16 Airbus A350s. Iran Air (Homa) will pay for all these planes within a decade.

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