Sunday, September 25, 2022

Africans Cooperate with Iranian Knowledge-based Companies in 3 New Fields

Companies that are active in polymer and petrochemicals, information technology, as well as oil and gas fields are working to expand the export of knowledge-based companies to the African continent.

Recently, efforts have been made by the international affairs department of the vice presidency for science and technology to expand the export of knowledge-based companies to Africa.

47 knowledge-based companies accompanied the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari during his visit to Africa.

South Africa is the most advanced country in the African continent in terms of economics, and Sattari’s second trip was made at the request of the minister of science and technology department of South Africa.

In these meetings, 100 African companies were also present.

Likewise, investors and managers from large African companies attended the ceremony and held talks with Iranian knowledge-based companies. The goal of these meetings was not only attraction of capital, but also commercialisation, and sales of products and technology.

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Companies in the field of oil and gas, information technology and polymer were the ones that traveled to Africa for the second time.

In the first visit, knowledge-based companies in the field of agriculture and health traveled to Africa to work with African companies. Of course, this process is being completed and companies from other areas will also make such visits.

Based on the announcement of companies in Africa, there have been 10 MoUs signed officially, but there are some that have not been officially announced.

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