Sunday, May 19, 2024

Afghan Party chief: Zionism behind sedition to harm Iran-Afghanistan ties

The head of the National Congress Party of Afghanistan says “Zionism” and some Arab countries in the region are behind the “sedition” in the relations between the country and Iran.

Abdul Latif Pedram was referring to the recent anti-Iran gatherings in some Afghan cities, the attacks on the Iranian embassy in capital Kabul and consulate general in the city of Herat and videos on social media purportedly showing mistreatment of Afghan migrants in Iran.

“Behind the scenes of all these campaign on media and the virtual space are foreigners and enemies of the two nations and, through these, they want to … create a more dangerous crisis,” he said.

“Some of our fellow countrymen, without paying careful attention to the fact of the matter and without realizing that promoting such issues leads to what consequences and advantages and disadvantages inside the country, are influenced by the propaganda of the enemy and fuel this sedition.”

Pedram also said more than five million Afghan residents have migrated to Iran, which is itself facing sanctions and dire economic problems. Despite all these, this country has embraced Afghan migrants so this should not be “downplayed” and “undervalued”.

Pedram also talked about the attack on the Iranian consulate general in Herat.

“It was fully clear that people were recruited and traveled to Herat from far-flung areas as locals and native people of Herat are not like that and do not get trapped in the plots of the enemy,” he said.

Pedram also called on Afghan people and officials not to be deceived by such traps laid by the enemies.

During the Monday gatherings, mobs torched tires outside the Iranian missions and attacked them with stones, shattering security cameras outside the buildings

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