A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on March 15

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Tuesday and picked headlines from 23 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranians are preparing for new year celebrations as the next calendar year begins on March 19.

The last Tuesday night is celebrated in Iran by a fire festival which has derailed in the past few decades from a fire festival to a cracker phenomenon in the country in which dozens are killed every year.

Many headlines cautioned their readers about the dangers and accidents caused by the crackers in these days.

Above all, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart in Tehran, and UNSC’s meeting which bore no further sanctions on Iran because of its missile launch took many headlines on Tuesday, March 15.

Here are the top headlines:



  1. EU extends Moscow sanctions
  2. Blast kills 37, injures 125 in Ankara
  3. Mogherini to visit Tehran on April 15
  4. Iran, Vietnam trade to hit $2bn
  5. UNICEF: Syria no place for kids
  6. Australia, Iran FMs to discuss Iran missile tests
  7. France reacts to Iran missile tests




Abrar Eqtesadi:

  1. Iran singled out from oil freeze plan: Russia
  2. Iran boosts price of exported petchems





  1. Guardian Council endorse equal blood money for men, women [in car accidents]
  2. Judiciary chief: Cultural impunity, country’s chief priority
  3. Iran launches Chabahar-Oman sea lane




Arman-e Emrouz:

  1. Not everyone can be fooled: Hassan Khomeini
  2. Men, women blood money equal [in Iran]
  3. UN Security Council meets to discuss Iran’s missile launch





  1. No adventures against anyone in the world: Gen. Soleimani
  2. [Sudanese President] Omar al-Bashir: Saudi security above Sudan security
  3. MP: Men, women blood money equal in car accidents
  4. Iran self-restraint not eternal: Mohsen Rezaei to Riyadh
  5. Iran favors enhanced ties with ASEAN member states: Rouhani
  6. Police seizes over 7t of crackers
  7. Terrorist cells smashed in Western Iran
  8. Iran missile tests no violation of JCPOA: Cmdr.




  1. Answer is short: No

Russia opposed any sanctions on Iran over missile tests. Russia’s envoy to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said Monday, “The clear and short answer is no.”

  1. Guardian Council confirms election results in 50 constituencies
  2. Parliament election runoff on April 30
  3. Deal to buy 118 airbus jets to be finalized in two months




  1. Iran to launch first financial free zone
  2. Iran eyes enhanced ties with ASEAN members: Rouhani
  3. Iran, western Asia’s most stable country: Zarif
  4. Terrorist blast kills 37, injures 125 in Turkish capital
  5. New York Times: Deliberate oil price slump catches Riyadh





  1. No sanctions for missile tests
  2. Russian troops leave Syria





  1. Fear loom Turkey after blast
  2. Anti-Iranian judgment defaced US judiciary system: Iran’s Larijani
  3. Judiciary chief: Iran judiciary stands firm in proceeding cases of corruption, “loved ones”





  1. Head of tourism organization inaugurates 14 airport projects
  2. Russia to build 1,400mw power plan in Iran
  3. Iran, Vietnam eye $2b trade
  4. Iran-Oman sea lane launched
  5. Iran prepares for arrival of spring




Jomhouri Islami:

  1. Iran missile test no violation of UNSC resolution: Zarif
  2. Russia endorses Iran crude oil production growth





  1. We have always been shielding Sunnis by our lives: Gen. Soleimani
  2. Martyr Bakeri’s life was all about his belief in rule of jurists (Velayat Faqih): Wife
  3. Stead rise in oil price
  4. Turkey intelligence knew about Ankara blast





  1. 3,500 Saudi forces killed in Yemen war





  1. No sanctions approved in UNSC meeting on Iran missile tests
  2. 10 killed, 2,502 injured in Iran fire festival





  1. Iran foreign ministry slams US court’s recent anti-Iran judgment
  2. Iran, Russia ready for oil swap




Payam Zaman

  1. Judiciary chief: Resistive economy, scientific growth, cultural impunity are three major priorities of country
  2. Car market still hibernating
  3. Zarif reacts to allegations against Iran missile tests
  4. Russia rules out further sanctions on Iran
  5. Air pollution, Tehran’s top concern




Rah-e Mardom:

  1. Zarif: We have not invaded, nor will invade any country ever
  2. Hackers invade bank accounts
  3. Article: Role of women in society





  1. Rule of Islam impossible without Velayat Faqih: Gen. Soleimani
  2. US has violated JCPOA articles, spirit: Mohammad Javad Larijani
  3. Enemy seeks ways to manipulate decision making of politicians: Judiciary chief
  4. Mohsen Rezaei warns Saudis of Iranian self-restraint




Rooyesh Mellat:

  1. Iran burning accidents 8 times more than world standards
  2. Iran, Australia ties growing in post-sanctions setting





  1. UNSC meeting ends without fresh sanctions on Iran
  2. We are not looking for adventures: Gen. Soleimani





  1. Islamic Republic not seeking adventurism: Gen. Soleimani
  2. 4,000 ambulances stationed in Iranian roads




Saheb Ghalam:

  1. Novak’s major oil mission in Iran
  2. Iran foreign debts crosses $5.5bn
  3. Car market bearish
  4. Refinery producing Euro-4 petrol at full capacity




  1. All foreign deals to be enforced next year



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