A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on July 19

Iranian Newspapers

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Sunday, July 19, 2020, and picked headlines from 11 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Aftab-e Yazd Newspaper:

1- Iran on Verge of Herd Immunity: Rouhani

* President: Over 25m Iranians Have Contracted Coronavirus So Far

2- US Has Lost Its Mind: Chinese, Russian FMs

3- Bitter Silence: While Iran’s Currency Is Losing Its Value Every Day, Officials Have Kept Silent

Arman-e Melli Newspaper:

1- Analyst: Iran Will Claim Its Share from Global Economy

2- Rouhani: 35 Million More May Contract Coronavirus in Iran


Ebtekar Newspaper:

1- Elections at Corona Time

2- US Dollar Rate Surpasses IRR 250,000

3- Rouhani: 25 Million Infected with COVID-19, 35 Million to Contract It

4- Zarif’s New Mission in Baghdad


Etemad Newspaper:

1- Dark Time of Working as Hireling

* Social Media Users Harshly Criticize ‘Iran International’ for Covering MKO Gathering

2- Former Iranian Diplomat: Al-Kadhimi Can Create Balance in Iran-Saudi Ties

3- 25 Million Have Already Contracted Coronavirus


Ettela’at Newspaper:

1- Rouhani: We Should Raise People’s Tolerance in Health, Economy Sectors


Hamshahri Newspaper:

1- Blade of US Sanctions on Throat of Europe

2- Post-Corona Crisis More Complicated than Coronavirus Crisis


Iran Newspaper:

1- Coordinates of Living with Coronavirus

2- Al-Kadhimi to Visit Iran

3- Coronavirus Not a Normal Phenomenon


Javan Newspaper:

1- Mysterious Fires in US

2- Coronavirus: Latest EU Effort to Stonewall JCPOA


Kayhan Newspaper:

1- 24 Economic Analysts Give 7 Major Solutions to Government

2- Hawkish US Surrounded by Fire: From Warship to Biggest Steel Factory

3- Foreign Ministry Dismisses Reports about Giving China Right to Manage Iranian Islands

4- Iran’s Envoy: Tehran-Beijing Comprehensive Cooperation Document Clear Roadmap for Future Ties

5- Shamkhani: US Had Better Admit It’s Been Defeated by Iran


Mardom Salari Newspaper:

1- Democrats Afraid of Vote Rigging in Nov. Elections

2- Iran Counts on Iraqi PM’s Trip to Riyadh

* Zarif in Baghdad ahead of Al-Kadhimi’s Saudi Visit

* Iraqi PM to Visit Tehran after Riyadh


Shargh Newspaper:

1- Cost of Political Exchanges High in Iran: Analyst

2- Iran Cannot Refuse to Accept Olympics Charter: Official

3- Mending Broken Economy Through Deal with China? [Editorial]

4- Withdrawal from NPT or Cessation of Implementing Additional Protocol?

The IFP Editorial Staff is composed of dozens of skilled journalists, news-writers, and analysts whose works are edited and published by experienced editors specialized in Iran News. The editor of each IFP Service is responsible for the report published by the Iran Front Page (IFP) news website, and can be contacted through the ways mentioned in the "IFP Editorial Staff" section.


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