A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Feb 3

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 15 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.



1- We changed the world’s view of Iran. The President, in a TV interview, says the government is a supporter while the people play the main role

2- Countdown has started for ending 4-year siege of Shiite communities of Aleppo

3- Minister of Roads: Iranian air fleet capacity will double

4- 22 new drugs produced by Tehran University of Medical Sciences unveiled




1- Paying tribute to athletes who safeguard values

2- Minister of Roads and Urban Development: Iran and Lebanon have signed 3 cooperation agreements




Arman Emrooz:

President Rouhani calls for massive turnout in elections: Don’t turn your back on the ballot box





1- Covering vehicle’s number-plate is an offence

The daily devoted its main headline towards drivers who cover their car’s number-plate to enter off-limit areas

2- Azadi Sport Center the second-most frightening stadium in the world

3- Americans eager to purchase Iranian Kilim (woven rugs)





1- Supreme Leader: sacrifice for religion and revolution is not limited to a specific segment of society

2- Iran and Germany moving towards all-out cooperation

Zarif: I call on Saudi Arabia to surrender to wisdom

Steinmeier: No need for our mediation between Tehran and Riyadh


Etemad daily




1- Americans Pull the Hand-Brake on Trump

2- The Anti-Iranian US Presidential Candidate Stopped at First Step





Honoring Guard commanders with Fath Decoration, a humiliation to US

Global responses tothe tribute paid by the Supreme Leader to those who detained trespassing American sailors





1- Rouhani in a TV interview: Now it’s the nation’s turn

2- Steinmeier heads high profile economic delegation to Iran





Rouhani: Hollande said our goal is creating jobs for Iranian youth





1- If Hollande was capable of creating jobs, he would have found employment for French youth

2- Determining the future of American people with a coin-toss





1- More than a championship – Supreme Leader: the value of female athletes observing Islamic dress code, refusing to compete against Zionist rivals and kneeling down after victory is greater than the championship itself

2- Daesh and Al-Nusra terrorist groups should not be allowed into Syrian peace talks, Zarif says in talks with German Foreign Minister

3- Production of gasoline increases by 2 million litres/day





1- Hilary Clinton: Americans are angry, disappointed and anxious

2- Rouhani: We don’t want to look Westwards





1- Mohammad Reza Aref: People will have the final word on election day

2- Ziba Kalam (Iranian University Professor) invited to deliver a speech in the UK House of Commons





1- First Vice President: Bullying creditors should know that the law is more of a bully than them

2- Mohammad Javad Zarif a popular personality among artists

At the closing ceremony of the 4th International Fajr Theater Festival, artists talked about their respect for the Foreign Minister, Mr. Zarif




Vaghaye Etefaghiyeh:

Iran on path for dialogue

Velayati in Moscow and Steinmeier in Tehran





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